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Meet Dion


For the last 4 years, I wrestled with the thought of running for School Board. However, this year, after many conversations with community members, colleagues, friends, and family, I decided not to allow fear to hinder me any longer. I realized that I have what it takes to serve in this capacity! 

I know that my life up to this point has prepared me to be a member of the Dayton Public School Board. How you might ask? Let me explain...

My mother was a single mother who gave it her all to make sure that we had what we needed and often cried because she couldn’t give us most of the things that we wanted. However, as an adult, I realize that meeting our basic needs was a task all by itself. I, like many children and young people within our community, grew up without the male influence in the house to help direct and guide.  This resulted in me acting out and not doing my best in school! The sad part is that many would begin to write me off because of what they could see at that time; including a school administrator who verbally told me that I wouldn’t amount to anything. 

HOWEVER, with the help of a  few of my teachers at Dunbar High School (Mr. Otis Brooks, Mr. Lloyd Martin, Mr. Robert Neal, and Mr. James Washington, to name a few), I would end up proving those wrong who were waiting for my funeral - Instead, I graduated from high school,  college, and have worked in the education field for the last 23 years helping young people see the greatness that lies within them. 

Just like those educators that helped me, I feel obligated to serve this generation by being an example of what is possible even with the many obstacles that they face! 

I know there are students in Dayton Public Schools who the world is writing off. Students who are told they can't be successful because of who they are and where they live. The world doesn't want them to succeed, but I believe and know they can! 

I want to serve on the Dayton Public School Board because I want to fight to improve not only the quality of education for our students, but also the experience. I want every child, including my four children, who attend Dayton Public Schools, to go to schools that allow them to dream, be innovative, creative, and show them the possibilities of their future.




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