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Focus III: 

Promoting Community Engagement


Our schools are not only important for our young people, but they are also vital to the life of our community. Our community must partner with our schools to produce leaders, innovators, creatives, and global citizens.

I will encourage and advocate the promotion of community engagement by:

  • Encouraging the district to invest in the expansion of its Neighborhood School Center initiative to include at least one middle school and at least one high school. Neighborhood School Centers allow for school to become community hubs that address the needs of students, as well as their families and the community. 

  • Strengthening our partnerships with corporations, businesses, grass-root and faith-based organizations to provide their time, expertise, and resources to impact the lives of the district’s students

  • Creating an opportunity for retired administrators and educators to stay active in our schools. They have a wealth of information, knowledge, and expertise to share, but very seldom are asked to share.

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